If truly all-encompassing luxury and raw power is what you seek in a car that dream will now surely come true. For Infiniti has finally unveiled the Essence Concept car during the 2009 Geneva International Motor Show. What is striking about the car on first glance is how different it looks.

Its shape and styling is something never seen before in cars hitherto. It is distinctly futuristic in its looks. It looks a shade like the Fisker Karma but only so. The similarity is just fleeting and it reminds you how uniquely different and hugely attractive it looks. No wonder it has received rave reviews during the Motor Show.

The Essence surely is the jewel in the crown of the Infiniti brand of cars. It is not only a celebration of the completion of 20 years by the Infiniti brand, it heralds a new dawn in the commitment to sheer car genius by this car technology leader.

As far as the features of the Essence are concerned it is a coupe that is as large as a Rolls Royce is and definitely not any less in length. It has under its hood a V6 petrol engine that provides 434 hp (horse power). Considering that it has a twin-turbo direct injection engine, the hybrid with electrical assist motor that you also get in the bargain fetches you an additional 158 hp. This makes the overall power of the car a stupendous 592 hp.

The technological advanced features nevertheless, what is guaranteed to make you fall in love with this wonder gizmo is the car's interiors. Alcantara leather, holographic and etched crystal gauges, and hand-painted wood panels, you name it every single element of the car's interior rivets your attention.

It is equipped with a rear wheel drive, one that makes your involvement as a driver that much more. It adds the famous Louis Vuitton fitted luggage set to its rich features, which makes it a truly trans-continental car. The revolutionary design car is not actually a preliminary montage for a new Infiniti model in the making. It is rather an example of the unique values Infiniti relies on to build its relationship with those customers who can appreciate full luxury, styling, and power in cars.

That does not in any way compromise on the safety features built-in into the Essence. These include an inherently new concept, Backup Collision Prevention that paves the way for safe commuting in the Essence. It is also capable of vast speeds at the push of your foot on the accelerator without sacrificing environmental conservation when you don't. All in all, the Infiniti Essence concept car is the way future cars will define the competition in the near future.