Infiniti cars is the luxury car division of Nissan. The division was launched in November 1989 and has changed the world of luxury cars since then. Initially, the Infinity car was introduced only to the American public. Today, however, it is sold in countless countries across the world and is a hot pick amidst various car lovers.

There is absolutely no doubting the popularity that Infiniti cars enjoy in the car market today. However, things were not the same always. Initially, Infiniti cars were received with quite a lackluster response in the US. The reason for the same is believed to be inappropriate advertising.

Initial advertisements of the Infiniti car rested on a Zen influenced advertising concept. The themes of the commercial revolved around picturesque landscaped and intended to promote tranquility. Of course, these commercials were quite relaxing to the eye but they failed to create etch sales for the company. Finally, these advertisements were withdrawn and new commercials were put in that focused more on the vehicle and it's feature. The result- Infiniti cars pulled up and marked their place on the global automobile scene.

Though the Infiniti car range came up with several models every now and then, it was the Infiniti Q45 that made it for the company. This car had one of the best engines at the time, which made it one of the hottest selling cars in time. To add on, the Infiniti Q 45 also had several other extraordinary features like a 278 hp V8 engine and a four wheel steering. Besides, it's luxurious interiors set it class apart from other cars in the same segment.

While the Infiniti Q45 took the Infiniti car range to the top of the success ladder, the Infiniti M30 brought it backwards. The M30 was a total failure and was unable to keep up with the standards set up by Infiniti. The car offered only one engine i.e. 162 horsepower Nissan VG30E V6 3000 and only one transmission, which was the Nissan RE 4R01A 4 speed automatic. Neither the engine nor the transmission worked for the audiences, who now wanted more. As a result, the Infiniti M30 was withdrawn within 3 years of being launched.

However, Infiniti bounced back again with the luxury SUV, the Infiniti QX4. The QX4 is one of the biggest hits in the history of luxury vehicles. The car offered all that was not offered by any other luxury vehicle in the segment. Even the top automakers like Acura were left to face the brunt of the competition with the launch of the Infiniti QX4.

While some models of the Infiniti car range clicked pretty well and created history, there were others that were a complete let down. With all this, it is needless to say that the history of Infiniti cars is rather interesting.