Normally, when you buy a new Infiniti car, you presently get standard warranty on it that covers 60,000 miles of usage or 48 months of ownership, whichever is completed earlier. Now Infiniti has come up with an Elite Extended Warranty Protection Plan that covers your new Infiniti car for a certain fee. The extended warranty plan covers your car for 84 months of ownership or 100,000 miles of usage, whichever is completed earlier.

This option comes to you directly from the car factory and not from any dealer. You need to log on at the Infiniti Web site and specifically opt for the extended warranty plan. The advantage that the extended warranty plan offers to you is that your car is covered for a total period of 7 years this way in comparison to the four years that the standard warranty provides to you.

Even if you buy a pre-owned Infiniti car the extended warranty plan is available to you online. Alternatively, it is available to you if you own an Infiniti car that has done less than 60,000 miles in total or 6 years of total ownership.

The extended warranty makes sense to you in terms of costs if you look at the labor costs of auto repair today. These drain as much as $100 per hour from your pocket these days. Even if you get minor repairs on your car they are sure to cost you at least $500 at least. You will pay upwards of $1,000 (more likely $2,000) for major repairs. So you can yourself imagine the savings that the extended warranty provides to you.

The other important aspect that you gain is in the genuineness of spare parts for your Infiniti car. The extended warranty covers guaranteed genuine car spare parts from an Infiniti dealer. This is to not even say that your car will be repaired by factory trained technicians in the unlikely event of its breakdown.

So, by going in for the extended warranty plan for your Infiniti car you are definitely insuring your car from the possibility of costly breakdown repairs. All this at a measly cost that probably equals only a one-time cost of major repairs to your Infiniti car that in all probability you would otherwise spend many times over.

It makes sense to buy the extended warranty today itself for your Infiniti car. The reason is that auto repair costs tend to rise with time. Therefore the cost of extended warranty if you opt in future will tend to be more. So you see, it does not take a mathematician exactly to find out how you save money by going in for an Elite Extended Warranty Plan for your Infiniti car online.