What exactly is Infinity? Civilizations and cultures, throughout the world have always interpreted the concept of infinity in very different ways.

Some western philosophers like Immanuel Kant described Infinity as The Ultimate, the Absolute and God. In Greek philosophy, Anaximander, or 'the Boundless' as he was also known has been credited with understanding the concept of infinity.

In Judeo-Christian theology, take example of Duns Scouts, the infinite nature of god has been described as without any limit or constraint rather than being abundant or unlimited.

Evanuel Levinas the French Ethical Philosopher says

"...infinity is produced in the relationship of the same with the other, and how the particular and the personal, which are unsurpassed, as it were magnetize the very field in which the production of infinity is enacted..."

If we take a look at the eastern hemisphere then the Upanishads of the YajurVeda of Indian Philosophy states that "if you remove a part from infinity or add a part to infinity, still what remains is infinity". The essence of the verses mentioned in Upanishad is that the Infinite cannot be measured arithmetically - God is Infinite. The Infinite can be represented in Infinite ways and does manifest in infinite ways.

The concept of Infinity or the Infinite is a very esoteric subject which is related to mathematics, meta-physics, philosophy and theology.