If you want your four-wheeler to be sporty then the Infiniti EX 35 is the best option to go in for. Its sport and youthful looks make it one of the best choices in the luxury SUV segment. Great looks coupled by an attractive price make this car worth all the envy.

What makes the Infiniti EX 35 different from its counterparts is its sporty look. The car somewhere stands to be on the border line between SUVs and luxury cars. It features a low height, tapered roof line and a small cargo capacity that makes it reminiscent of SUVs.

Though the Infiniti EX 35 resembles an SUV more, it is based on car platform of the Infiniti G37, which is not a surprise really. The car has a front double wishbone which is reminiscent of the G 37. It comes with a 2 inch wheelbase, 3.5 liter V6 engine, five speed automatic transmission, which are some of the default features of the Infiniti series. While the Infiniti EX 35 has features similar to the Infiniti cars, it has an excellent handling capability that makes it a near sport wagon.

Like all other Infiniti counterparts, the Infiniti EX 35 is also equipped with some state of the art features. Some of these features include fog lights, cruise control, keyless ignition, a rearview camera, and tilt-telescoping steering column. Besides, the car also makes considerations for your entertainment needs as well. It includes a six speaker stereo system and a satellite radio that is complemented with an auxiliary audio jack.

There is nothing to beat this luxury vehicle in terms of style. A dual cowl dash designed in a dual color tone and made of absolutely chic and fashionable material is one of the most stylish features of the car. And that's not just it. The car also makes use of the old Luxe Elite Package's high quality leather upholstery throughout the length of the board. No wonder, the Infiniti EX 35 has one of the nicest cabins to offer.

But nevertheless, the interior space of the car remains quite less, which is simultaneously more than what you would expect in an SUV. So, in case you are looking for genuine utility, the Infiniti EX 35 may not be the perfect choice. It is not the perfect choice if you want haul people and luggage to and fro. Also, it may not serve all the purposes that you want a luxury car to serve. It offers you a pseudo luxury vehicle and pseudo SUV at a price that is competitive enough.

Go in for the car only if you want to skip the utility and enjoy a thrilling ride.