Nissan's Infiniti brand of cars was launched in 1989 amid Nissan thinking of clearly differentiating it as a luxury product. It was primarily aimed at the high end car market and positioned against two competing brands, the Lexus of Toyota and the Acura of Honda.

The Infiniti brand merges beauty with beastlike firepower, technical superiority, and excellent car performance. Since 1989, every Infiniti car model launch has met with highly consistent customer satisfaction levels. Each and every Infiniti car, irrespective of the model, is a balanced blend of craftsmanship and quality.

Infiniti cars are aesthetically different, looking at the crop of the usual other competing cars in the market. You get a distinct first impression of great strength in the chassis and a completely different product design and styling. An Infiniti car not only moves you physically, but also does that to your emotions.

While an Infiniti car's engine smoothly purrs or accelerates with you at the steering, your emotions spontaneously pour out from the depths of your heart. Such is the effect and attraction of its highly inspired performance. Every Infiniti car is carefully designed and built to provide you years of trouble-free and economical total cost of car ownership.

Infiniti car models have won several awards. The Q45, the G35, the FX35/FX45, the M35/M45, and the EX are some of the highly acclaimed Infiniti car models. In their respective segments, they rule the roost. Whatever, tribulations the Infiniti car sales has faced especially in the late nineties has been only because of the temporarily bad financial situation that Nissan had then faced.

Today the Infiniti brand of cars has moved away from its Nissan roots. It now has a distinct brand identity of its own and has much wider acceptance especially in the American market. Americans as a whole have always loved big, mean, and powerful cars and Infiniti car models offer everything to Americans that they love.

Considering the overall design of Infiniti car models, they have all the requisite security features and child safety features built into them. Infiniti cars have always had powerful award-winning engines that provide the fastest acceleration to peak speeds. They are built to last longer than any of competitor car models. Some of the car models are sports coupes, some are mid-size luxury sedans, and some are crossover models. There is also an industry leading SUV in the Infiniti car stable for you to cherish.

Infiniti cars are never easy on the pocket, considering they are luxury cars. However, you will find that the total ownership cost is quite competitive. The price ranges from about $32,000 for the cheapest model EX35 and G35 to approximately $55,000 for the QX56 SUV. Most of the Infiniti cars run on premium fuel. All in all, Infiniti cars provide you a symbiosis of performance, style, pleasure, and price reasonability.