The very thought of searching through the infinite space has fascinated human beings for ages. With the advancement made in science and technology, scientific researches have been able to solve many queries about the space outside our planet.

For many years, civilized men were under the impression that the earth was flat. They even believed that if they went too far towards the edge, they might fall off. This dangerous notion was clarified by the more clever minds. Once the more adventurous lot on the planet discovered the truth about the home planet, they began to search for ways to find out what lay beyond.

As days passed by, many individuals became intrigued as to what was beyond the globe. They wanted to search for other planets and the life forms on them. For several years, astrologers and astronomers worked together to answer the questions and search the space further. It was only in the twentieth century that the scientific researchers and astronomers began to look for scientific measures to explore the infinite space.

The result was a trip in the outer space. In 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first man who went into space. With the conclusion of a battle between Russia and USA as to which country would be the first to send a man into space, Gagarin's visit into the unexplored infinity became a success for Russia. America's Alan Shepherd, therefore, became the second man into space. Since then, there have been many attempts to explore the unknown by various countries.

Scientists, all over the globe, are researching various star systems, gases, and dust particles of each planet to know whether they can support life forms. They are even attempting to locate and discover every individual galaxy filled with trillions of beautiful, bright stars and explore every one of these stars for existence of life forms.

These attempts would go on until man has conquered and explored every corner of the infinite space. Even though the feat appears next to impossible, scientists believe that even the word impossible says i-m-possible. That is why they carry on with their continuous obsessions to discover other forms of life in the multifaceted universe.