Buying a used Infiniti car at least in the US is a cinch. The reason is the spate of Infiniti new and used car dealerships spread across the length and breadth of the country. All you need to do is to contact the nearest Infiniti car dealer. There, you will have then just begun well on your way to own a used Infiniti car.

These used car dealerships in the US stock almost all models of second-hand Infiniti cars. Therefore, the first step of your enterprise to own one is to decide the used Infiniti car model that will meet with your specific needs in the most befitting manner. Choosing a model that meets your specific needs requires that you spell out what those needs are in the first place.

Next you need to find out the detailed features and prices of all the models in the range that can be covered in your budget. So, that brings you to decide how much money you can really spare to not only own the used car, but also to drive and maintain it. Assess your financial situation in depth and come out with a conservative figure of your car buying budget.

At this point, you are ready to shortlist those Infiniti car models that have the features that cover your requirements as well as their prices, which need to be within your budget. It is always better to have a range in your car budget. This is because the maintenance condition of a used Infiniti car is virtually an unknown factor.

Next on the agenda is to go over to see your nearest Infiniti used car dealer. You need to then explain your specific requirement to their salesman in terms of the Infiniti car models shortlisted by you and a rough idea of your purchase budget.

You need to then take the salesman's recommendations into consideration and ask to see the specific cars that he recommends. Inspect all the cars recommended by the salesman in depth and request a test drive in respect of the car that you find the best bet.

Test driving the car will actually give you a fair idea of the condition in which the car has been kept maintained by its original owner. Ask the salesman for a car fax report on the car chosen by you.

The report lists the maintenance condition of the car, its mileage, the miles already logged by the car, and if any accessories or essential parts need to be replaced. See, any expenditure in respect of replacing essential parts and accessories can straightaway be backcharged to the seller's account.

Next use your finesse to bargain your way to a favorable price on the used Infiniti car of your choice. Consider if you need a loan to buy a used Infiniti car and it is quite expensive. In case yes, you need to assess your credit score, your repayment capacity, and the interest rate, because the loan will be easily available from lenders.