Who does not know of the magnificence of the Mercedes-Benz? This is a brand that has won millions of hearts all around the globe. Today it has launched various models in the market and each is a chiseled beauty. Though, to own a Mercedes-Benz still remains a dream for many. But, if you own one, you must be really proud. This extra ordinary brand has an interesting history- from its logo to its existence in totality. So, if you are a Mercedes-Benz fan too then here is a briefing for you about how it came into existence.

As the high speed engines and wheels were invented in the 1880's, Karl Benz a German found a firm named Benz & Cie. in October 1883. Gottlieb Daimler on the other hand had a different company called Daimler- Motoren- Gesellschaft (DMG) which came into being in November 1890. Both were rivals and worked under their own brands names. The name for Benz& Cie. never changed due to its popularity in Germany but Daimler went into alliance with Mercedes.

Emil Jellinek, an Austrian businessman played a significant role in this alliance. He was a lover of high speed sports vehicles and bought vehicles on demand from DMG. He eventually ended up taking the sales business of the Daimler vehicles. He played a great role in the sales of these cars and expected to add his name to the products. Therefore, at the beginning of 1990 Mercedes which means 'grace' was added to make the brand known as Diamler-Mercedes. Mercedes was the name of the ten year old daughter of Jellinek. This name was already famous as he used it as a pseudonym when he raced. Later, he came to be known as Jellinek Mercedes- the first father to adopt his daughter's name.

The three pointed star logo of the brand also has an interesting history. After the death of Daimler in 1900, his sons proposed this logo for registration. Daimler used the star logo on the front of his house, according to him it signified world peace and prosperity. And it was his dream to create motors for land, air and water- hence the three pointed star. The registration was done in 1909 and, since then the legacy of the logo continues.

After the World War-I, the sale of the luxurious cars went down a great deal. Even the high end brands were not able to survive the economic downfall. Hence a significant merger happened in 1924 of the Benz& Cie. with Daimler-Mercedes. The company was now called the Mercedes- Benz with the Daimler three pointed star logo.

Since then, Mercedes-Benz has been able to please its customers with the best of vehicles. It has a heavy range of vehicles from the mighty trucks, to the highly technical sports cars to elegant sedans, on offer. Name the category and you have a Mercedes-Benz product in it.