Bentley motors do not need an introduction. It is one of the most popular car manufacturing companies today. It would be interesting to know how this company came into being. Here is a chronological order of how Bentley became what it is today.

The period from 1912-1921: It was the time when the Bentley brothers, W.O Bentley and H.M Bentley bought a French automobile company called the Lecog and Fernie and renamed it Bentley and Bentley with the headquarters at Mayfair. After the end of the World War- I the company came to be known as Bentley motors. The flying B logo of the company first appeared in 1920 and was manufactured near Baker Street in London.  

Catching the pace: 1921-1930: Bentley as a sports car saw its first win at Brooklands in 1921; it entered the Indianapolis 500 in the year 1922. In the first Le Mans in 1923, the Bentley secured a 4th position. It was one of the best race according to W.O Bentley (as quoted in 'Bentley- the Story '). Then there was a quest for more power. In the twenties Bentley came up with more powerful engines of 6 ½ and 4 ½ liters. Also a Speed Six and an 8 Liter weighing 2 ½ tons were manufactured during this time.

Bentley in the hands of Rolls-Royce: 1930-1939: The quest for power and to create the best possible cars put WO in a financial mess. In 1926 he was demoted from the chairman to the managing director. Things worsened when in 1931 the Rolls-Royce bought the Bentley. The first car that came out of this union was the 3.5 Liter in 1933. WO left this company in 1935 and went to Lagonda.

The 'Black Phase' of Bentley: 1940-1982: The period of the Rolls-Royce ownership of Bentley is the darkest phase of the company as quoted by 'Bentley- the Story'. W.O Bentley died in this phase in 1971 when he was 83 years old.

Back to life: 1981- 1998: It was in 1982 that the Bentley saw the light of future, the Mulsanne Turbo was a hit at the Le Mans. Moving on, in 1991 the Bentley Continental R was introduced with Bentley originality since 1954. Bentley outsold Rolls- Royce in the 90's.

The companies separate finally: 1998-2006: The Volkswagen bought the Rolls -Royce in 1998 along with Bentley. There was a heck of buying and selling that happened in this phase. It involved companies like BMW too which bought the rights to the name Rolls-Royce in December 2002. It was in 2006 that the Bentley Azure was introduced as the flagship sedan under the name Bentley.

After the Detroit auto show of 2006, there was no looking back for the continental line up of Bentley. Bentley motors had a rough past but the class in the brand had to rise in the end.