Luxury car is a term used for a segment of cars that provides pleasant or desirable features beyond strict necessity. This segment of cars is manufactured with superior equipment, construction precision, design inventiveness and technological innovation. It may also include features that convey brand image, cachet, status or prestige.

The term luxury car may be applied to any type of car, including minivan, sedan, hatchback, wagon, coupe, convertible, hybrid, crossover or sport utility vehicle.


* The foremost advantage of luxury cars is that they offer a distinct higher class and prestige to their owners.
* They also offer several enhanced safety features that include night vision displays, traction controls, airbags, antilock braking systems, child safety seat tethers, crash resistant door pillars, back up sensing systems, and automatic locking retractor and emergency locking retractor seatbelts.
* They provide a variety of performance benefits, such as five-speed (or more) automatic transmission, electronic stability system and high acceleration in a short time.
* They also offer a range of additional comfort features, including head restraints, integrated child booster seats, power windows, door locks and mirrors, keyless entry, remote security system, air conditioning with automatic climate controls, bluetooth wireless communications technology and geographic navigation systems.
* Additional advantages of luxury cars over customary cars include easy handling, spaciousness, sleek interiors, plenty of legroom, quietness and good dealer service.


* The main disadvantage of luxury cars is that they are expensive. You need to consider their cost before buying and how that is going to play out over the time of its usage.
* Another drawback is that it is very costly to maintain these types of cars. It puts a very large burden on the owner's pocket. Cars have to be taken to car care centers for regular checkups. And these centers are usually expensive for luxury cars.
* Luxury cars by nature are powered by larger engines than their conventional compatriots in the marketplace. These are the vehicles with V-6, V-8, or even V-12 engines, and therefore fuel economy is sacrificed to a great extent. At times the amount of fuel required in a luxury car may be twice the amount needed in a normal car.
* Luxury cars are not sporty or as engaging to drive. Therefore, they may have a factor of insulation which could make you feel disconnected from the road. You do not get a real sense of driving enjoyment at all times in a luxury car.

Whatever be your reason for buying a luxury car, it can offer a lot of benefits at an additional cost. They are well suited for you in case you want to project an image of success and wealth.