The British super-spy James Bond is famous for a number of things and his choice of cars has certainly been impressive. Since Bond is a man of refined taste, he has always preferred the Aston Martin and Aston Martin DB9 2008 as a car that truly suits the way he travels. The car has been an object of desire for people all over the world and this is not because of some small reason. The car is a virtual powerhouse which has been somehow fitted into one of the most beautiful chassis ever designed for a car. Aston Martin DB9 is fast, powerful and smooth to handle- all in all it drives like a dream. The dream costs $185,100 for a starter.

The machine is powerful and there is no denying this fact. Even though it is standard engine with run of the mill 6 speed automatic transmission, since it has 12 cylinders and is a 6.0 V12 model, it can generate as much as 450 horsepower at 6000 RPM. The car uses a 48 valve engine which is remarkable for a vehicle with the Mini-Compact EPA classification. Even though there is no turbo in the car, it feels pretty zippy when you drive it. The cruising range of the car is anywhere around 275 miles.

Even for a car in its category, the hood of this car is long. Body panels of this car are made from ground up to be very light. This is the reason why only lightweight composites or aluminum have been used to make them. Since the styling of the car did not make it possible for more conventional doors to be used, the car uses Swan Wing doors. Not only does this arrangement add to the looks of the car but also makes it more aerodynamic. The dimensions of this car are 185.5 length and 51.9 height. The width of Aston Martin DB9 is 73.8. Its wheelbase is 108 which means that the car has great grip on the road.

The interior of DB9 is plush and tastefully done with Bridge of Weir leather. Alternative interior options are available including multiple types of wooden finish. The sun visors have been redesigned to make them look better. Even the center armrest has been redone. You power up the car by pressing a clear glass button and you are ready to zip away.

Since it is an Aston Martin, you get the best driving experience ever. The handling of car is as smooth as if it responds to your very thoughts. Powered by a standard engine of its category, Aston Martin DB9 oozes both power and luxury.