The Infiniti FX35 is yet another addition to the SUV segment of the luxury car giant. The car is a perfect combination of good looks and great performance. Featuring the latest technology, this SUV makes for a great option to go in for. And what more? It is comfortable too. Its comfortable front seats will make driving a complete pleasure.

Unlike other Infiniti cars that are just modified, this one has completely been redesigned. It comes with a 3.5 liter V6 that offers great power. It also features a new seven speed automatic transmission, for a more swift and pleasurable drive.

This fabulous car not just scores on the comfort factor, but also comes loaded with safety features. It features a hard drive based navigation system. This system offers real time satellite traffic information. Some other noteworthy features of this navigation system include lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, distance control assist amidst many others.

Coming to the looks of the FX35, the car manages quite a score. The looks of this car have drawn both- praise as well as criticism. It features a longer nose, black chrome grill and chrome plated side vents. All these features make the whole look a lot more aggressive and killer.

The car, however, shares its basic design with the G35 and the EX35. The engine used is also the same as used in the previous generation cars, the only thing that adds on to the car in terms of power is the newly added 3.5-liter V6. It offers an additional power of 28 horsepower. While the power may have increased, the torque has dipped slightly.

What works the most for the Infiniti FX35 is the technology that it comes laden with. This car comes replete with plenty of technological features that make it drool worthy. It is packed with countless sensors and systems. These systems alone could control the car.

One of the most notable features of the car is the Distance Control Assistance. This unique feature helps release the throttle and apply brakes in areas where there is heavy traffic. Now, this is going to make driving a bit easier especially for those in the metropolitans.

The Intelligent Brake Assist or the IBA is another feature that is worth mentioning. This feature allows you to stop the car completely. On restarting, the car automatically assumes a speed preset by the user.

Since the Infiniti FX 35 offers a lot more and includes fancier features, the price is going to be higher for obvious reasons. Typically, the prices start at $3000 more than the last year's price. But, if you have the money then go and buy this fabulous vehicle right away.