Infiniti- the Japanese luxury brand has been around for quite some time now. But, it was only with the launch of the Infiniti G35 that the company actually made its presence felt. The classic styling of the car and its perfect sporty appeal made many heads turn and take notice of the luxury vehicle.

Though the G35 has now been replaced by the G37, it did have some commendable features. This car in the entry level bracket of the luxury segment had quite a few noteworthy features to its credit. Take for instance, the spacious cabin of the car and the splendid performance that the vehicle had to deliver.

This luxury vehicle came in two generations. The first generation of the Infiniti G35 failed to create much impact. It was the second generation of this vehicle that made its foray into the market with much success. The recently introduced Infiniti G35 carried quite a number of modifications.

Though the size of the newly launched Infiniti G35 remained more or less similar to its older counterparts, there were some changes that made a lot of difference. The quality in the newly launched car model had definitely gone up. A stiffer body structure and a revised chassis were some other modifications made to the car.

Amidst various other changes made, the alteration to the engine was most notable. The new version of the Infiniti G35 had a more powerful V6 engine. This 3.5 liter engine was extremely powerful and delivered 268 pound of torque along with 306 horsepower.

Available in five different trims, the Infiniti G35 gave multiple options to the luxury car lovers to choose from. The G35 Sedan was available in a base model, X , Sport, Journey and Sport 6MT. Out of all these, it was the Journey version that went on to become the most popular.

The G35 Journey had various additional features that made it a popular choice. A dual zone automatic control and a six CD changer are two of the most notable features of G35 Sedan Journey. Though the sports trim version did not match the popularity of the G35 Journey, it did steer up excitement amidst various SUV enthusiasts.

G35 sports trims came with a unique four wheel active steering system. Stylish sports seats and an aggressive tuning ability for the car's electronic system were some of the most notable features of this car. The car also has a limited slip differential.

All in all, the Infiniti G35 was a respectable car model. Or simply put, it was worth the price tag it came with. of course, you have the new and improved Infiniti G37, but this car still holds on to some of the very special feature in the Infiniti car range.