Even though these are not the best times for car makers, they are churning out some really good models. This is the reason that 2009 Audi S8 is selling really good. For a sedan, it competes with bigwigs like S-Class from Mercedes Benz and 7 Series of BMW and the Audi lives up to the standards which these big names have established. In fact, it raises the bar in some areas as well.

One thing that has to be kept in mind is that the last version of Audi S8 was the 2007 version. This is Audi returning to redo the car after a rather long break. As of now, you can expect the car for a base price of $ 96,200. The price would easily cross the $100,000 mark as you add upgrades and accessories to this mean machine.

It's all about power

The drive train of Audi S8 is an all wheel drive. It can generate its highest horsepower at a bone rattling 7000 rpm. In fact, as soon as the car reaches mere half of that i.e. 3500, the torque of the car peaks out at 398 pound feet. This is a staggering figure even if it may not be swashbuckling. So much raw power is generated because of FSI gasoline direct injection. No wonder the car goes from zero to 60 in a matter of 5 seconds and that's miles per hour mind you, not kilometers per hour.

Exterior is where the looks are

The Audi S8 uses the Audi space frame which speaks a lot for its durability and aerodynamic design. There is a S8 logo on the door sill trim which is made of aluminum. Grille of the car is in platinum gray and  is single frame trapezoidal in shape. All the four doors sport puddle lights and there are LED based daytime running lights which are programmable. The wipers are rain sensitive so you do not have to worry about activating them manually. The bumpers and door handles are both body color though the latter do sport an aluminum trim.

Interior is where the comfort is
Interiors of the car ooze luxury with seating surfaces made of Valcona leather. The rear seats are heated and even the head restraints of rear seats are adjustable. The steering wheel is standard Audi fare with leather wrappings and usual three spokes. The steering column also sports auto tilt which makes it possible for you to drive pretty comfortably.

Apart from this you also get cruise control, an antenna for rear diversity, car security system which not only sounds an alarm but also immobilizes the engine. The 2009 Audi S8 is truly an object of desire.